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Celebrity Brooke Burke

from one of our great clients,
celebrity Brooke Burke

“I know that being pregnant is an incredibly challenging time, and most of you are probably not feeling so great about yourselves. But, if you can get past that and see the beauty in your bump, it is so worth capturing.

I am talking about pregnancy photos. I had a great experience shooting with Linnea Lenkus, who is one of the best celebrity portrait photographers around, and she specializes in maternity photography.

It is such a personal thing, but she made it so comfortable and intimate that I have had two sessions with her during both of my pregnancies. I will return to her again to photograph my son. My first session was with Neriah and Sierra while I was pregnant with Rain. I went back several weeks ago with David to shoot Rain and my growing belly. Once my son has arrived, Linnea will shoot him and then I will have a whole story. You can take a look at my photo shoot at this address.

I really hope you take the time to capture your pregnancy on film. It is priceless. Do not wait until the last month either, because you could miss your chance if you go into labor early.That happened to me with Neriah and I really regretted it. “

“Her artistry lies not only in her incredibly keen eye but in her ability to create a wonderfully warm and hospitable environment.  She made the session so much fun that I could relax and she could capture the best of me.  It really shows in the shots she took.  Thank you Linnea.  I will be back.”

-Gerry R.

“Linnea is one of the most amazing photographers I have come across.  We’ve been to a couple other less expensive studios, but they don’t compare to the beautiful artwork that Linnea creates.  She is so personable and is able to evoke such emotions from you to create such personal images.  We’ve been to Linnea for three sittings now; for a maternity shoot and two subsequent newborn shoots.  We have so many portraits from these sittings everywhere throughout our home;  two in our living room, three in our hallway and two albums on display.  To anyone who thinks the price is a deterrent, all I can say is that we enjoy her work every day.  What she captures is really priceless.”

-Krista C.

Photographers Los Angeles

Linnea has been a portrait photographer for over 20 years specializing in studio photography of

  • maternity photography

  • family photography

  • baby photography

  • newborn photography

  • child photography

  • couples photography

  • dog photography

  • boudoir photography

  • individual portraits

…and she can combine them all into one portrait session.


Linnea is a lighting expert and a people expert. She can light you in her portrait studios in a way that flatters you and makes you feel great. She can work with the toughest subjects to get an authentic expression. She is a high-energy, creative photographer who is interested in connection and emotion. Her clients are moved by the portraits that she creates. That’s what makes her one of the top photographers in Los Angeles.


Linnea is also only interested in creating her portraits with the highest quality, archival fiber portrait papers, hand-stretched gallery wraps, amazing acrylic prints, handmade custom leather and faux-leather memory boxes, beautiful greeting cards, and handmade custom coffee table books. All of her photo products are top-notch. Her office staff and designers make sure that your experience is of the highest customer service experience.


If you are pregnant and want maternity portraits, or a new parent who needs newborn portraits, or a family that has not had family portraits for many years, or even a couple who just wants to commemorate their relationship with couples portraits, give this top of Los Angeles photographers a call. If you are seeking the best Los Angeles photographer to create portraits for you that will last a lifetime, call our portrait studios to make an appointment.


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  1. Virginia L. says:

    Linnea, you are such a talented photographer!! Thank you so much for our gorgeous maternity portraits and baby portraits. Everyone should know about you. You are one in a million.

  2. Lori M. says:

    Linnea, you created some beautiful family photography for us a couple of years ago. I just was going through your website because we have a new baby and we’re going to give you a call very soon. Everyone comments on our portraits every single time. We treasure your photography. We can’t wait to see you soon.

  3. Violet V. says:

    Thank you Linnea. We just got our maternity portraits and they are simply stunning. You made me look so much better than I really look. I’m so happy that we did our maternity photography with you. I can’t wait to see you when Vincent is born. Counting the days til then…

  4. Patricia M. says:

    I loved my portrait session with you. You are an incredible photographer. Anybody who needs an LA photographer, you should consider this one. Thanks for the great portraits. I will treasure them always and see you soon.

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