We have been so busy servicing our many clients that we couldn’t keep up with the thank you cards. Linnea has been a full-time professional photographer for over two decades, so keeping up with all the positive reviews is daunting. We would love to share ALL of them with you, but it’s tough. So, here are just a portion of positive reviews and testimonials that Linnea has received:

photographer, dahm triplets

Click here to find out what the Dahm triplets had to say on The Doctors about Linnea’s maternity photography. Talk about a celebrity testimonial!!


“Linnea is simply amazing! I did a ton of research and what made me choose her for my maternity photographer above the rest was her elegant style and her many years of experience. My photographs look like they are straight out of a magazine and are worth every penny! She also has this incredible way of making you feel so comfortable during the entire session. She even made my husband excited to be in them which I didn’t think could happen! I bought the maternity newborn package and can’t wait to bring in my baby girl to be photographed.”

“Linnea, I adore you!
Linnea is the BEST maternity photographer you could ever shoot with.  She is not only a photographer, she is an artist.  She is so amazing, that even celebrities go to her for photos.  You will leave your photo shoot being friends with Linnea, that is how cool and comfortable you will feel with her.  Also, she has great staff!  Sharon, you are awesome!
Go see Linnea for your maternity/nude shoots. Being pregnant is such a blessing, trust her to capture the memory of it in the most beautiful way possible.  She is worth the $.”

“Love Linnea! I needed a family picture that included a two month old, a two year old and a four year old…nearly impossible to get them to cooperate! But somehow Linnea managed to get great shots of everyone! Her work is amazing art.”

“Incredible Professional Photographer. There are very few photographers who get it, and Linnea is one of them. Her photography is exquisite, with a tender light and an amazing emotional quality. Most photographers just shoot away and she studies you and makes you feel so comfortable while she explores you creatively, only photographing the best images of you. She is well worth the effort and the cost, I can’t say enough about my experience there and now, the art I have on my wall.”

“Wonderful photographer and great customer service. We have wonderful memories that we hang on our wall. Not ony was the photography great, but her staff was really helpful and nice.”

“Had an amazing experience doing a nude portrait session with Linnea – she made me feel incredibly comfortable, and the resulting images are something that I am thrilled to have and look back on years from now.  Linnea truly creates amazing pieces of artwork, not just a “picture” — things that will be beautiful for a lifetime.

She has my highest recommendation, with absolutely zero reservations.  I look forward to working with her throughout my life.”

“I had maternity photos taken by Linnea, as a gift for my husband. I was really nervous to do this at first but she was great to work with and she makes you feel really comfortable. I can’t believe how easy and enjoyable it was. She has an artistic eye and takes beautiful photos, I was so happy with the final product, she has a great way of capturing you in a photo! At first I thought the prints were a little pricey but they came out beautifully and it was well worth it! I would definitely recommend her, and I can’t wait to go back again with our baby soon!”

“I discovered Linnea after searching for southern california photographers for maternity portraits.  I absolutely fell in love with her photography.  I wanted to have more intimate shots and being 8 months pregnant, I was not feeling all that attractive.  She convinced me to do some nudes and I’ve never been more grateful.  When I went to the studio for my first viewing session, I broke down in tears because I couldn’t believe how beautiful the pictures were.  I immediately schedule a newborn session.  She is absolutely amazing to work with and made me feel so comfortable.  During our newborn session, it took quite awhile with baby sleeping, nursing and peeing and pooping everywhere!  We felt awful, but Linnea just laughed it off and assured us that “it” happens!  Our newborn shots were absolutely stunning.  Although a bit costly, we have never regretted the pictures we purchased and everyone that sees them in our home is in awe, as they are truly pieces of art.  We also had the option of  making monthly payments which helped us out.  The staff is also incredibly friendly and helpful.  I would give Linnea 10 stars if I could.”

“After my wife is pregnant, we spent quite a while finding a photographer who specialized in shooting maternity pictures. My wife wanted to find a photographer that would “wow” her, and it took her until 7 month into pregnancy that she ran into the Linnea Lenkus website. So we booked a appointment first to discuss the shoot, and after that booked a photo shoot. The chatting and everything helped us relax and the result was great, although costly. We moved to the east coast after having the baby, and we might have to look again to find an artist like Linnea nearby.
Overall I have to say we had great results, her black/white photos are stunning!”

“Linnea is one of the most amazing photographers I have come across.  We’ve been to a couple other less expensive studios, but they don’t compare to the beautiful artwork that Linnea creates.  She is so personable and is able to evoke such emotions from you to create such personal images.  We’ve been to Linnea for three sittings now; for a maternity shoot and two subsequent newborn shoots.  We have so many portraits from these sittings everywhere throughout our home;  two in our living room, three in our hallway and two albums on display.  To anyone who thinks the price is a deterrent, all I can say is that we enjoy her work every day.  What she captures is really priceless.”

“Discovering Linnea was one of the greatest “gifts” I could have given myself.  She is an amazing photographer, creative, talented and so very Unique in her style and approach.  My photos were absolutely stunning!  Linnea manages to capture your essence and the beauty of who you are both inside and out, in every photo.  These photos are timeless in their beauty and truly a “work of art”.

Thank you Linnea for the amazing woman you are!”

“I really enjoyed my experience with Linnea and her staff. Everyone was really kind and professional. Linnea actually takes the time to get to know you first and she makes you feel very comfortable. I was not nervous at all. The pictures came out beautiful… more beautiful than I expected. Linnea is truly an artist.
I will definitely go back with my family sometime soon so we can take some family pictures as well.

“Linnea is like our family photographer. We already had 7 sessions with her since my daughter was 10 months old. Linnea took our family portraits every year. She really takes time to talk to us and very good at catching the precious moment of us. I already recommended her to a lot of my friends. It’s a good investmnet for our life-long precious memories.”

“First let me say how much we love, love, LOVE our photos and wall portrait! We did art panels for the grandparents and they were just over the moon about them! Everyone who comes into our house just raves about the wall portrait (you might, in fact, be getting some new business because of it). Linnea is truly a talent beyond compare and the session was a blast!”

“Linnea and team are as good as it gets! We are returning customers and could not be happier. We have large prints of our photos on our entry wall and people always stop in their tracks to ooh and aah over them. They are to die for. This most recent shoot we had our crazy 3 year old and our infant twins, and Linnea was so patient and calm – it helped us to calm down and enjoy being treated like a VIP. The photos are MAGIC and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives!”

“When I first came to you I was going through a very very rough time in my life. My friend bought us a gift certificate for the sitting and she forced me to go because, she said, it was a time that was really special in my son’s life and I needed to capture it by the best photographer. I didn’t want to go because I was so stressed, but I did it to please her. I have to tell you that not only did our talk during the session make me feel better, but your portraits took a very dark part of my life and turned the sadness around for me. I kept looking at those photos of my son and they made me so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have given me a beautiful gift that I will treasure forever.”

“. . .they look soooooo amazing. You are such a gifted photographer. . . I’m so happy. I love it soooooo much. . . I can’t wait to come back again. . . You made our time with Zachary so special.”

“Linnea did a phenomenal job and definitely has an eye for what looks good.  My photos turned out amazing and I couldn’t be happier.  I would highly recommend her and feel she is the best in the business.  She did my maternity session and will be doing my baby and family sessions as well.

Thank you, Linnea!”

“My heartiest recommendation for Linnea and her staff.  I was looking for fine art nude photography as a gift for my husband, thinking that I might have one portrait as a result.  I gave him a Memory Box filled with about a dozen gorgeous prints.  He loved them so much that we now have 8 framed prints, in addition to the Memory Box.  It was easily the best gift I’ve given him.  Linnea made me feel totally relaxed, and her designer provided terrific support in choosing the prints to include in the box.”

“Linnea did a wonderful job on our family portrait. We had intended to have a portrait done for many years, but it was one of those things that I never got round to because I could never find someone who could give me something beyond the regular family portrait. Linnea’s work gave me exactly what I wanted.”

“My family has enjoyed working with Linnea and her team for maternity photo shoots, our first daughter’s newborn shots, and our newest sittings with the arrival of our twins!  Our fine art pieces are priceless! We bought over eleven canvas-wrapped pieces, two “floating” custom pieces and two memory boxes!  This fine art collection is definitely the centerpiece of our home!  We highly recommend Linnea! “

“If you are looking for quality, professional, beautiful photos, and a great experience Linnea is your photographer!!! I took my 6 month baby girl and the images are amazing worth every penny. Just classy, beautiful, priceless portraits. I recommend her if you want art work that will last a lifetime; its a great investment.”

“I have always wanted to do a nude art photo and I found Linnea online and saw her photography and from what I saw on her website I thought to make an appointment with her. After meeting with her she made me feel very comfortable and I had an amazing experience. My fiance was actually at the studio with me and it just made the whole experience unforgettable. After seeing the photos at the review session we loved them ALL!!! Linnea is an amazing photographer and it is a beautiful art!!! I couldnt beleive how amazing she made me look, I cannot be happier and we will continue to come back in future as our family will grow.”

“My brother and I arranged to have family portraits done for my parents as a Christmas gift. We just got home from viewing/ordering our portraits and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. There were SO MANY beautiful pictures to choose from it was hard to narrow it down to the few that we ordered.

During the portrait session, Linnea made our whole family feel very comfortable and we had a ton of fun. She spent a long time with us, took a ton of pictures and put a lot of thought and care into the lighting choices, poses, etc. She goes way beyond simply taking a pretty picture, she truly had a sense of our family’s personality and was able to capture it on film.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone and I know that I definitely want get maternity and newborn portraits done by her when the time comes.”

“My husband was absolutely thrilled with the memory box we put together for him and couldn’t wait to take it to work to show all of his friends. He actually had tears in his eyes as he thumbed through the box of precious images. . .thank you for the beautiful photos, but most of all, for making the entire experience so special”

“Thanks for taking such good care of us in the portrait world. We feel very blessed to have met you. It’s so refreshing to know there are real photographers who care like yourself.”

“When my husband found out how much I spent on portraits, he was a bit shocked. But after hanging your art on our walls he asked me when we were going back to do some more. As he told you at our last session, ‘I totally trust you. Your work is so amazing that I’ll just let you decide.’ Now, you have to know – – – I’ve never heard that phrase ever spoken from him. You will always be OUR photographer. Our home will become yet another Linnea Lenkus Gallery.”

“Wow! Now I know why you are the top photographer in Los Angeles. I’m in awe of my wall portraits!”

“My family and I really enjoyed the experience of being photographed by Linnea. She is an excellent prhotorapher and put us all at ease. The photos came out beautifully too. My only regret is that we didn’t have enough money to buy all the prints we wanted. The photography session was relatively inexpensive, but the prints are much more costly. Inquire ahead of time to make sure you get the memories preserved after your session. I highly recommend her services.”

“I just want to let you know how much I love my photos. Thank you so much! They are truly beautiful. I hung them in my bedroom and every night before I go to bed I admire them and smile. Also, know that the photo session was so much fun! Most of us never get to feel like models. Thanks so much for giving me my moment. I can’t wait to see you again when my husband and I have our family.”

“I want to thank you very much for the beautiful portraits of our family. Dylan’s 11×14 is stunning! We are very happy with all the photographs. We look forward to working with you again.”

“Linnea sure has an eye for beauty.  Although my session with her was 2.5 years ago, I remember how comfortable she made me feel.  My husband and then-2.9year-old son had a great time with the session too.

“Because of the recession in 2008, we couldn’t afford to come back for a newborn session, and I couldn’t afford to order pictures until recently.

Still, if finances allow, I would come back for another session for my family, and an artistic nude session for myself.”

Thanks Linnea.  You made me look like a goddess.”

“Just wanted to tell you how much we love our photos! Thank you for doing such an amazing job. See you in a couple of months.”

“We first used Linnea when I was pregnant with our first child. 3 children later we continue to use her as our family photographer. She captures our family moments so well that we have not tried anyone else. We highly recommend her.”

“Linnea is wonderful on so many levels. We began seeing her in 2007 when she photographed my first child’s newborn pictures and first family portraits.  She has such a warm and fun personality. It was really comfortable shooting with her.  In 2009 we returned when we had our second child.  It was important to me that all of my children and our family portraits were streamlined.  This year we saw her again after the birth of our now third son.

Her work is phenomenal. Her photography is a work of art. She does such a great job capturing the images of babies just as they are. There’s no props that takeaway from the image of her artwork and the beauty of the newborn.  The photography is really timeless. I dont own any other images that capture my children as newborns or us as a family like she has.  She’s worth every penny.”


“Ok ladies, I’m talking to you. If you are at all considering doing a boudoir shoot with Linnea, take it from me: it will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life! Yes, I am not being overly dramatic, I’m being honest. Linnea made me not only feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, I felt comfortable being in front of the camera in all of my vulnerability. She has such a gentle, natural way of bringing out your best features and making you feel like a pro in front of the camera.

Fellas…now I’m talking to you. My husband surprised me with this (he told me well in advance) but this is something that your lady will thank you for. It might seem a little scary for her at first, but trust me, Linnea will make sure your lady feels amazing the whole time.

After the session, Linnea sat down with us to show us all of the images on a huge wall screen. She darkened the room, played relaxing music and went through the pictures one by one so that we could pick our favorites. The images were untouched but I feel in love immediately with her work. I was saying to myself, “Is that really me?” She knows lighting, she knows angles, she knows the human body and how you will photograph in the best possible way.

Don’t be turned away because of the pricing – anybody these days can call themselves a photographer, but very few are truly artists. Linnea is an artist and these are images that you will keep and cherish for a lifetime.

Bottom line: BOOK YOUR SESSION!”


“I am an artist, author and illustrator. My web designer asked me for a high quality portrait for my promotional website. Linnea Lenkus Fine Art Portrait Studio came up first on my Goggle Search for a photographer. Linnea was quick to respond to my request and the appointment was scheduled within the week. Her expertise in the photography field is phenomenal. Her knowledge of lighting, placement and fine tuning of the finished photos is amazing.


“With Linnea, I had artistic nudes done pre pregnancy and a newborn baby session where I brought along Joey the dog.   She is a world class photographer!!!

The sessions were such wonderful experiences themselves.  I felt like I went to my next door neighbor for a cup of coffee.   She just chit chatted with me and I forgot I was being photographed.  She made me feel so comfortable that I let down my guard and was not self conscious at all.  The resulting images capture a wide range of expressions that were not posed.  I never thought I could look so myself in photos.

Just because I thought Linnea was just hanging out doesn’t mean she was.  I only realized she was on her toes the whole session when I realized that she captured all those split-second moments when all three of us, the baby, the dog, and myself, were at our cutest.

I sure will savor the images for years to come and I will forever have fond memories of the time I spent with Linnea.”

“I just did a nude boudoir photography session with Linnea. I did it as a birthday present for myself. I wasn’t nervous about it until about 2 days before the shoot when I started thinking “Why didn’t I do this when I was a lot younger?” and “Why didn’t I schedule this for 6 months from now so I have time to lose a few pounds?” But that was completely wasted energy. If you are reading this because you’re thinking of doing one, and you’re nervous about it, all I can say is don’t be nervous!! Linnea makes you feel SO comfortable and relaxed that you don’t even feel like you’re nude in front of someone you just met. We chatted about husbands, kids, coaching soccer, etc during the shoot – completely normal stuff. More importantly though, she is such an incredible photographer, and her lighting is absolutely exquisite. The shots come out like gallery-quality fine art. She doesn’t do “cheesy” or “sleazy,” so if that’s what you’re looking for, best to go somewhere else. All I can say is that you will leave your session feeling incredibly beautiful. Seriously. I think every woman should do a session like this at least once in her life.”