Pro Photography Pregnancy Los Angeles

Pro Photography Pregnancy Los Angeles

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“With offices in Pasadena and Long Beach, the Linnea Lenkus Studio is an excellent option for anyone looking for quality professional photos, especially expectant moms. Check this place out if want to work with a top notch photographer who has been in business for over twenty years. Her sleek, creative, and warm photos will appropriately capture the essence of you!”
from one of our great clients

Were you looking for pro photography pregnancy Los Angeles? One of the popular Los Angeles photographers concentrating on portrait photos, Linnea Lenkus is an astounding photographer in California. She owns and operates two LA photography studios, a Pasadena photography studio and a Long Beach photography studio. She is recognized globally for her sophisticated pregnancy photography, sensitive pregnancy newborn pictures, sensitive infant photos, children portraits photography, superb family portraits, maternity pictures with child, child and family pictures, dog portraits, engagement photography, and sophisticated nude portraits photography. Linnea is a masterful professional who is enthusiastic about composing photos you and your family that will go above and beyond everyone’s desires.

Linnea started off as a print model many years ago where Linnea figured out very best way to perfect her experience in front of the photographer for agencies like Wilhelmina West, which directed her to France. Linnea eventually grew to be tired of the model’s life since her roughest struggle pertaining to it, getting to be secure before a photographer had been achieved. She slowly became intrigued by psychology and additionally cognition and obtained a B.A. at the top of her class in psychology. Planning to proceed towards a doctorate, she actually switched gears and followed her true desire being a professional photographer. The journey was difficult and quite expensive however Linnea has managed to stay on in business while others failed during the last 20 years when she made the switch from business photography to portrait photography.

Providing her clients sophisticated as well as demonstrative portraiture feels very powerful to her. She has photographed celebrities like Brooke Burke or Sterling Brown, and she has countless return happy clientele who additionally adore Linnea’s images.

So, you happen to be in search of pro photography pregnancy Los Angeles consider this pregnancy photographer Talk to our portrait staff to have a session to make an outstanding portrait.

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Linnea is a lighting artisan. Simply click on this link in order to see much more marvelous photos. If you have been searching for beautiful pregnancy photographers from the most reliable L.A. portrait photographer, give us a call now.