Portrait Photography - Linnea LenkusLinnea Lenkus began a fascination with portrait photography at a very young age when her dad bought her a Kodak Instamatic camera with detachable flash cubes and a 50 pound shutter button. Many blurry odd photos later Linnea found herself in her teens experimenting with friends as models and many makeshift photo studios.

Fast forward a few years and Linnea was signed to be a Wilhelmina model where she traveled to to Paris, Milan and Munich modeling for magazines such as Elle and Vogue. Frustrated with the various so-called professional photographers that she tested with, she developed a checklist of what makes the best photographers great and sought to find those qualities in the photographers that she met so that she could have the kind of photography she wanted. She also developed a huge understanding of what it takes to be natural in front of the camera. Linnea returned to the U.S. with a profound respect of what modeling entails, but a deep need to move on.

After returning to Los Angeles, she graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in Psychology. She switched gears yet again and chose to purse a career in advertising and editorial lifestyle photography. She worked very hard over the next few years developing her look and trying to perfect a certain kind of light in the photo studio. She photographed many celebrities, ads, worked for several magazines and was accepted by Getty Images and a few other stock agencies. But her heart was not in that side of photography.

On the advice of a friend she decided in 1998 to switch to portrait photography where she created a uniquely elegant and sophisticated type of studio photography that has made her photo studios so popular. She opened a portrait studio in Pasadena in 1998. When she became pregnant in 2004 she moved her main office and began another portrait photography studio in Long Beach.

Raising and teaching her kids alongside her husband of over 20 years and creating incredible studio photography for her clients keeps Linnea busy and happy. Your private session with Linnea will be memorable because she is truly unique and dynamic. Linnea’s goal is for amazing portrait photography and that combined with her staff of wonderful artists creates phenomenal customer service because that makes everyone happy.

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