Archival Matboards

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High Quality from this Photographer in Los Angeles

Our photography boxes are of the highest quality because that’s what Linnea requires for her clients, the very best. That is why this photographer in Los Angeles has been so successful.

One issue that is very important with photography prints is the archival quality, in other words, how long it will last. We’ve all seen those 1960’s and 1970’s prints that fade. That’s because plastic was introduced as a photo medium decades earlier. Plastic does not last. It has acid in it and that will break down over time as well as make the inks fade. Our portrait prints are made on fiber paper. It’s more expensive, but it’s worth it because it will last several, if not more, lifetimes. Our mat boards are made of the same fiber archival quality. So there’s no conflict and no acid leaching to harm your prints.

The photography box detail above shows the inside of the memory box and the individual picture matboards. Click here to see the outside of this cutom made memory box.

This photographer in Los Angeles will make sure that your portrait photography is the very best.

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