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Linnea, the photographer, gave us lots of direction and the photos came out so beautifully. She’s a true artist and her office is a A-plus in customer service. We felt very taken care of. They are helpful every step of the way. They produced gorgeous, high-quality prints that we love.
We’ve been to a couple of other photographers in the past. They felt like amateurs, were working out of their house and took forever to get our photographs. We were disappointed with them, their service and the quality of their photography. I noticed that what was on their websites, was not what they produced. Linnea not only produces what’s on her website, but she far exceeds it.

We will definitely be back for those important life moments for our family photography. Linnea has a true warmth and is fun to talk to connect with. We felt very blessed to have found such a great person a great photographer.

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Linnea is known as a personable photographer. She is brilliant at getting the stiffest subject to relax. Linnea Lenkus is a family photographer, and she creates the finest portrait photo in her two photo studios in Los Angeles CA. We think that she is one of the top family photographers in the US. When you need incredible L.A. family photography or the best studio portrait photography then give us a call to make beautiful art.

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