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When you want the best couples photography portraits, then you have to call our professional photo studios. Linnea Lenkus will take great care of you.

Linnea has two professional photography studios, a Pasadena portraits studio, and a Long Beach portrait studio. When you want an impressive photographer to create the absolutely best photography for you or your family then give us a call.

Our professional photo studios work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your photography session with the best photographer in L.A.

“Linnea is one of the most amazing photographers I have come across. We’ve been to a couple other less expensive studios, but they don’t compare to the beautiful artwork that Linnea creates. She is so personable and is able to evoke such emotions from you to create such personal images. We’ve been to Linnea for three sittings now; for a maternity shoot and two subsequent newborn shoots. We have so many portraits from these sittings everywhere throughout our home; two in our living room, three in our hallway and two albums on display. To anyone who thinks the price is a deterrent, all I can say is that we enjoy her work every day. What she captures is really priceless.”

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