The Best Child Photographer in L.A.

Linnea Lenkus has been photographing children for over thirty years and has been a professional photographer for over two decades. Working at a chain portrait studio when she was just eighteen. Being extremely intuitive, and was naturally able to empathize and understand the children that came into her studio. She quickly  became the top child photographer in her area. While learning the tricks of childrens photography with rambunctious or unruly kids she developed a philosophy on child photography which came into play when she began her own portrait studio Nearly twenty years ago.

Linnea feels that “child photography should always be natural and authentic.” with this in mind, Linnea takes the time to ‘mesh’ interact and get to know your children, putting them at ease and making their portrait session an exciting experience for everyone involved.

“You’re my favorite grown-up!” is a term often heard echoing through our child photography portrait studios.

Our Portrait studios work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your photography session with Linnea.

Check out her photography blog to understand how Linnea thinks, as well as an events that are happening at our portrait studios.

Child Photography Blog

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