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The Most Artistic Baby Photography L.A.

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Love Linnea! I needed a family picture that included a two month old, a two year old and a four year old…nearly impossible to get them to cooperate! But somehow Linnea managed to get great shots of everyone! Her work is amazing art. – Danelle C.

Here are the phone numbers for the most artistic baby photography in L.A.:

(626) 744-9104 Pasadena baby portrait studios or (562) 981-8900 Long Beach baby portrait studios

Linnea doesn’t believe in gimmicks or props that date a photo. She believes in connection. If you are looking for baby photography L.A. and the finest portrait photos then call our office today. Linnea Lenkus is the greatest baby photographer, and she creates the best photography portraits in her two photography studios. Linnea is considered by her peers one of the top baby photographers in the US.

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