Check out our “Dog Days” video that was created from the animal shelter project. This was a special Charity project which Linnea photographed for two years as a favor to the local animal shelters. If you would like to help support this cause

Linnea Lenkus Studios held a fundraiser to promote pet adoption and raise awareness about euthanasia. The event, Dog Days 2011, was a huge success. Animal lovers arrived with their pets and families in either Pasadena, Long Beach or Irvine to participate in a portrait session that included a free print with a donation of $25.
Thanks to kind hearted pet owners, KTLA news, and other social media, they were able to get the word out across the nation. The event had such immense feedback that it had to be extended an additional two days. As a result over $3,000 was raised and given to the local animal care centers: L.A. Animal Services, Irvine Animal Care Center, and the organization, F.O.L.B.A. (Friends of Long Beach Animals).

Those who adopted or rescued a dog and participated in the fundraiser had the opportunity to submit a heartfelt story about their pet. Their submissions and some of the portraits will be used for an upcoming exhibit called “Rest in Show” at the new Linus Galleries location in Signal Hill. This future exhibit will showcase Linnea Lenkus’ collection of her dog photography, all of which are rescues. A portion of print sales will be donated to local animal shelters.
“Thank you so much for doing this! We had a great time…You’re wonderful to help with this cause! I’m glad that last dog will be remembered with a beautiful portrait.” – Suzanne M.

About Dog Days
Linnea Lenkus started Dog Days 2011 a few years ago after hearing about the inhumane amount of dogs and cats being euthanized. Through research, news and word of mouth, she came to the realization that there is a huge community in California that seeks to help save these helpless animals. In an effort to help the programs and institutions that promote adoptions, Linnea decided to stand behind their cause. She has a strong following of loyal pet owners she has photographed throughout the United States and is highly involved in the local communities that surround her studios in Pasadena, Irvine and Long Beach.

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