ee cummings Quote About Being Yourself


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
-ee cummings

Go ahead and share this inspirational quote about being yourself, about having courage, about not following the pack. ee cummings lived that life through his poetry and even though his words were written in the last century they live on through truth that resonates with every person.

ee  cummings  inspirational  quotes

Linnea photographed this preteen boy and also photographed him as a baby. He’s a true individual who is not afraid of being his own person, of breaking away from the crowd. When Linnea photographs anyone she tries to see who they are and what road they are on. This kid likes to wear this cap and grow his hair long. He doesn’t care what people think and Linnea caught his wisdom and self-preservation in this image.

Linnea Lenkus has been a photographer for well over two decades. She specializes in studio photography and is a lighting expert, knowing how to create a mood with light and shadow. She aims to try to find out who stands before her and capture that simple moment.

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Linnea Lenkus has been a photographer for over 20 years. She specializes in studio photography in Los Angeles, having 2 portrait studios in Pasadena and Long Beach. She is well known for her finer lighting techniques, the authentic feeling of her poses and for exceptional maternity, baby, child, coup lease and family portrait photography. Her boudoir photography is also exceptional with an edge towards an art gallery feel.