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Photography Exhibition by Los Angeles Photographer

I’ve recently had the life-changing opportunity to give back to a community of people, for whom, I’ll admit, I knew very little about up until a couple of months ago. A good friend of mine, who has been involved with a number of grassroots non-profit organizations that provide support to our country’s military men and women and their families, told me about a group called “Operation Homefront.” Being a Los Angeles photographer, we contacted this great organization which is nearby and asked to do a photography project.

Operation Homefront is a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance and morale-boosting programs for family members of our military, especially those who have a family member deployed overseas. My friend asked me if I’d be interested in taking photographs of military families as a way of saying “thanks” for their service. Over the course of a month, I had the honor to photograph nine military families from the Southern California region. In addition to donating varied family portraits to each of the families, I also donated several portraits to “Operation Homefront” which they will use in a “traveling exhibit” titled “Images From the Homefront.” The purpose of the exhibit will be to help increase awareness about the service of our military men and women and their families and help “Operation Homefront” in their fund raising efforts. The exhibit will debut in San Diego, California.

Each one of these families I photographed has a story of strength and courage that’s hard to put into words, so I set out to capture them visually. I was amazed and moved deeply to get to know a group of people who too often are associated only with war, and unfortunately, with politics. I saw and experienced them as people who proudly and dutifully serve our country when called upon to do so.

Linnea Lenkus and Operation Homefront present:
“Images From the Homefront” Portrait Exhibit
Thursday, September 11, 2008 in Balboa Park
at the Veteran’s Memorial Museum (Garden)
On Display Beginning at 4:30 p.m.
I’ll be there!!
There will be important speakers and I will give a short speech as well.
There will be a candlelight vigil in the evening.
Some of the stories and images that are in the exhibit are below:

Protecting My Son
This new father was among the first Marines to enter into Baghdad during, what has become known as, “Shock and Awe” in 2003. He has an amazingly gentle soul, and his love for his newborn baby was awe-inspiring. He departs for his second tour to Iraq in January 2009.


Los Angeles Photographer Photography Exhibition
Mommy Goes Back Out to Sea
As a mother of three, I can’t comprehend leaving my children behind for months at a time, but this mother will do so when she leaves for deployment in November 2008. She will be separated from her husband and baby girl for at least 6 months.

Hidden Wounds of War
This incredible father of three girls has served in the Marines for 18 years and he’s been deployed seven times. While serving on his fourth deployment in Iraq, he was hit by a improvised explosive device that left him deaf in one ear. He has since been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury – medical conditions often referred to as the “hidden wounds of war.” His family demonstrated to me how they felt when he left home and how isolated from them he has felt.

“Daddy Doll”
This mother cradles her daughter who is holding her “daddy doll” which got her through many nights while her father, was on deployment in Iraq. To provide stability and normalcy in her life, this young girl attended deployment support groups for kids and listened to her daddy read books to her recorded on disks. I’m happy to report that her father has returned home safely from Iraq.

The Uplifting Family of a Wounded Warrior
Severely injured in July 2004 when he was hit by a double-stacked anti-tank mine in Iraq this new father sustained multiple fractures to his right foot and angle. His foot and the lower part of his leg were amputated in January 2008. He was one of the first Marines to be re-enlisted on permanent limited duty in 2006 by then Commandant of the Marine Corps.

His wife is the key volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Balboa Naval Medical Center. The have such an incredibly positive attitude about his injury, and love for the military way of life that many wounded warriors and their family members are referred to them for support and guidance.

I have a profound respect for these honorable Americans who daily define grace. I personally want to thank all the members of our military services and their families for their service and sacrifice. I look forward to the day when all of you are back home safe and sound with your friends and families. I also want to thank “Operation Homefront” for helping me to find these incredible families and for the wonderful support they provide military families across the nation.

I want to thank my staff for their incredible patience and devotion to this project with me, and to my friend, who continually enlightens me.

I am a portrait photographer, just one Los Angeles photographer, and hopefully I have done my job right.

Linnea, a Los Angeles photographer, as a model in the 80's.

When This Photographer was a Model

My professional photography can be seen at LinneaLenkus.com

I took a trip down memory lane this weekend. Buried deep in my garage was a dusty box of old tearsheets, prints, slides and negatives of me when I was a model. My husband fought the dust and spiderwebs to retrieve this box of memories for me. I have a project I’m working on that required those images. Plus, many, many people and especially my employees and friends, have begged me to see these images, I guess to prove that, yes, I could actually model (I know they can’t imagine it now). It was another life ago for me.

Linnea, a Los Angeles photographer, as a model in the 80's.

Linnea as a model.

I have faint memories of modeling in Paris, Munich, Milan and L.A when I was 20. I do know that my first job was for Elle magazine and the highly-respected photographer Toscani who created all those colorful Benetton ads. Also at that session I was accompanied by Carrie Lowell and Paulina Porzikova. I thought that was a good start.

I was, back then, a bit on the old side to start modeling, which stuns me especially since I was so naive and innocent then. If my children ever feel the need to model, I will discourage it or make sure to chaperone them because it can be a harsh world, the modeling world.

I learned my craft there on my “tests” and “shoots”. Hanging out with professional photographers was the best part of my job then. I didn’t know then that I would actually be a professional photographer one day, but I knew that I respected photographers and was very curious about their lives. While the other models were hanging out with each other I was trying to talk to each photographer and gather any tiny morsels of information from them.


A photo of Linnea Lenkus from a French magazine.

A photo of Linnea Lenkus from a French magazine.

What did I learn in that other life? I learned that I was too sensitive to be a model. I learned that it was an incredible jolt to be in a studio and on a set. I learned that worrying about my weight, my nails, my looks or my skin makes me crazy. I learned over many many attempts the skill I use today to help my clients – – the art of acting natural in front of the camera. I learned that the 80’s was a funky style period. I learned that with all the effort in the world a perfect image can’t be created unless you let go, which is what I work hard to do for my clients in their portrait sessions.

My portrait photography can be seen here.

portrait photography

The Portrait Photography Experience

I’m excited and a bit nervous to tell you that my video is up about the portrait photography experience. After several months in the works, and still working out the Flash conversion I’m happy to present to you a bit about me, my portrait philosophy, and how I work. I felt it was about time to let everyone know about the photography experience that they can expect at our three portrait studios. Many people get really nervous being photographed but there is nothing to fear. It’s a fun experience! I am a photographer and I can tell you that it’s true.

So without much ado please go to the Linnea Lenkus Experience.


Couples Portraits – -for Me!!

My couples photography can be found at LinneaLenkus.com

A couple of blog posts back you will recall that I recently had the honor to be part of a couple’s wedding celebration. They’ve been married for 21 years and the husband decided to make the experience of doing a portrait session with me as part of his anniversary gift to his wife.

couples photography, couples portraits

Couples Portraits are one great way of expressing your love for each other.

As I prepared the couples portraits for them, I have to admit I got jealous. I thought it was such a terrific idea that I decided that I wanted my own couple’s portrait of my husband and I to celebrate our 16 wonderful married years together. So, on our anniversary last week we went to the photo studio, and what a terrific time we had together.

We kissed, hugged, held hands, touched each others faces, stared into each others eyes, and well, you get the picture! I must say, it was such a delight and incredibly romantic, even after all these years. I feel very proud to still love this man so much and to know how much he loves me right back. Actually, I have to say, that we’re probably more romantically in love with each other today after 16 years and three gorgeous children, than we’ve ever been in our lives.

Couples portraits

It was exciting to play and laugh in front of the camera all in an effort to visually capture our love. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 18 years, yet, I just couldn’t get around to a professional photo portrait with him alone, but what a wonderful and romantic gift!

Come for a visit at my photography website.

pregnancy and newborn photographer magazine

Pregnancy and Newborn

Go to Family Portraits to see more family photography.

Look who’s in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine this month! It’s me!!

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine interviewed photographer Linnea Lenkus about the display of wall portraits considering that she specializes in wall art of families and babies.
Since I specialize in creating artistic and personal wall art I was asked by Pregnancy and Newborn for my take on wall art of babies and new families and how to present large portraits. I’ve been a professional photographer for 18 years now. My art consultants and I all know how life affirming it is to have incredible, artistic portraits of your family around with impact. I have many larger than life size portraits of my family and my babies around my home and everyone who enters is awestruck. “Wow,” they say, “I really like that.” It gets them thinking. It creates a positive energy.

An excerpt from the article:
“Wall art 101
Don’t know what to do with that beautiful oversized portrait of your newly expanded family? Linnea Lenkus, owner of Linnea Lenkus Fine Art Portrait Studios in Los Angeles, simplifies the art of displaying portraits in your home. ‘When determining where to display your pregnancy and newborn portraits as wall art, it’s important to think in terms of drawing in the viewer. I always ask people to take a look at their home and identify the wall that their eyes trail towards in a straight line from the entrance into that room. That is the wall that will likely have the most impact and therefore, should display the largest portrait. The “tunnel” or walkway to that wall should have slightly smaller portraits, depending on the viewer’s distance to the print, leading to the Mecca of portraits.'”

Linnea Lenkus specializes in creating wall art for families, babies, nudes and pregnancy.

fine art nude portrait photography

Fine Art Nudes

Fine Art nudes by female portrait photographer Linnea Lenkus are on display at http://boudoir-photography-los-angeles.com/

For centuries artists such as sculptors and painters have defined their craft by capturing the beauty and essence of the artistic nude female body. And most recently photographers, such as myself, have added fine art nude portraits to our portfolios. As a woman, I know that there are those fleeting moments when a female sees her nude body in the mirror and her mind actually registers and acknowledges the true beauty of her female form.

fine art nudes
It may be a glimpse of the smoothness of her shoulders, the line of her chin, the depth of her collarbone or the curve running down her back. And for that moment, despite society’s definition and perceptions of beauty, she is present and she realizes she is beautiful. It’s those kinds moments that I long to capture and bring to life and make real for her forever.

One of my most favorite parts of the nude art portrait session is when I show my subject the image of her nude body in the window of my camera seconds after I’ve taken the shot. Inevitably she will say something like, “Wow, I didn’t know I looked like that,” or “I’m a lot prettier than I thought,” or “Is that really me?” And once she sees that first image, she feels safe with me, and she lets go of her negative thoughts, and relishes in the opportunity to celebrate her body and she is free.

Fine art nude portrait photography is something we do every week at one of our three portrait studios in Los Angeles.

It’s at this moment that the artist in me feels the ultimate connection.

Artistic nudes can be seen at LinneaLenkus.com.

couples photography

Couples Photography for an Anniversary Gift

For couples photography please go to Linnea Lenkus.com

All couples portraits should be like this!

Couples photography by Los Angeles photographer Linnea Lenkus.

It was the first time I’d ever had a couple come into the studio with the sole purpose of “experiencing” a professional portrait session as part of an anniversary gift. And what was even more amazing was that the idea came from the husband!

Bill wanted to give his Debbie something unique and special for their 21st anniversary. While looking around the house and contemplating about the perfect gift for Debbie, he admired the family portraits they had taken over the years with their children, and realized they had never had professional photography of just the two of them. Bill let his creative mind run wild, and he decided to actually turn the experience of doing a professional portrait together into a anniversary gift for her. I was so touched when he told me that after much research, he decided he wanted me and my portrait studio to be a part of their romantic day.

I so enjoyed photographing this husband and wife and playing an integral role in helping them celebrate their love for each other! It’s wonderful to see a couple who’ve been married for over 20 years still get so giddy when looking into each other’s eyes.

When they looked at the camera, I noticed how they automatically interlocked their fingers together. To me the gesture truly represented just how intertwined their lives had become. They even made their order session, which involves viewing their images on a giant size wall, as part of their anniversary celebration. They laughed, kissed and hugged, as they complimented each other on how great they thought the other looked. It was really quite moving and a joy to see such happiness and support for one another.

Linnea Lenkus creates artistic, personality portraits of couples.

For couples photographers go to LinneaLenkus.com

child photography

My Twins

Our children’s photography can be seen at here.

This is a big week for my family. My twins turn four years old this coming week. Ahhhhhhhhh. I’m sighing.

Ava and Maxwell are my youngest children and they are such a whirlwind. This is a very active phase and I’m enjoying it (and then on some days I’m not at all – – if you’re a parent you know what I mean). Still, I am awestruck. My dynamic duo are amazing together and apart. My daughter is practically my clone, full of energy, vigor and force, and my son is practically my husband’s clone, pensive, a loner and always saying the things that everyone talks about for days. My husband and I delight in watching our own relationship play out. They get along fabulously, as we do.

Child Photography of my Twins

Last night my daughter got out of bed and as I was about to sternly say, “Get back to bed!” she ran up to me and said, “I love you, mommy.” She knows how to stop me in my tracks.

That’s what my children do to me. They stop me. I am a high energy woman. I can easily obsess about photography every day, but my children bring me back to reality, to family and to love. They breathe life into me. They frustrate me like nothing else and yet, they transform me every day. I am so grateful that they arrived four years ago.

Happy birthday my loves. You truly astound me.

Our child photography is available to be seen at our portrait studios website.

celebrity photography

Celebrity Portraits: Brooke Burke and David Charvet

When I photograph a celebrity portrait, I feel very honored to get that extra seal of approval. But nothing touches me more than when celebrities return with their family for another portrait session, especially when they’re as wonderful as Brooke Burke and David Charvet.

Brooke Brooke and David Charvet, Celebrity Portrait
I photographed celebrity portraits of Brooke and her two daughters a little over a year ago when she was pregnant with her baby, Rain. Brooke’s mom also showed up for the excitement, and I was so impressed with the entire family’s realness and friendliness. Brooke’s a busy, beautiful woman and has a very loving, positive and calm attitude toward everyone despite her very hectic, albeit affirming life.

Recently Brooke let me know that she’s pregnant with her fourth child, and that she has launched her new website BabooshBaby.com. Many of the pregnancy photos that we created together are on her new site, but more importantly she’s offering new moms a sexy, smart way to bring their post-pregnancy bodies together. I wish I’d known about this method after my pregnancies.

I’ve seen Brooke’s pregnant belly up close and personal and I can tell you that it’s a miracle that anyone can have such a natural, beautiful belly and gorgeous figure after four pregnancies. Seriously, after seeing her body in person, I totally recommend to all my pregnant and new mom clients that they visit BabooshBaby.com and buy Brooke’s very smart Tauts and her L’Huile de Baboosh. Why not? It seems like a no-brainer.

Brooke Burke and Baby
I photographed celebrity portraits of David and Brooke and Rain recently and I’m so glad this time to have met David and Rain. You can see some of the images that we created in our maternity photography section and also get a hint at Rain’s activity level which is so normal for a new walker- – full of energy, mercurial and loving. She’s a daddy’s girl, as my little girl is, and it was so fun to watch her relationship with David. David is an amazing dad, very patient and very loving. I am really impressed with his attentiveness.

David Charvet and Baby
I can’t wait to photograph Brooke and David’s new son. Brooke wrote us this last week and said, “Give my best to Linnea. I am so grateful for her work and our session. I would like to come in with my new born, as soon as he arrives, complete our story and start making selections for a coffee table book.”

To a new year, to a new life, to a perfect family.

Click on Pregnancy Photography to see other maternity portraits.

Family Portrait, family photography

Family Portrait Photography – Christmas Portraits

Our family portraits can be seen in our family portrait photography gallery.

family portrait photography
Christmas is near, very near. We have just a few short weeks left before our Christmas portrait orders must be in. With just a few slots left open, it’s important to book your last minute sessions now.

Family Portrait
I would love to photograph your family in a memorable way, in a creative way that will be a gift to you, as well as your extended family and friends. I know this is the time of year to get silly and load an image with props. I tend to avoid props and anything that can steal an image from the true focus – – you. Plus, I want you to be able to hang your wall portrait for years, not just at Christmas.

I want to create family portrait photography with heart, family portraits that show how much you love each other. So, with your best interests at heart, I welcome you to experience a different kind of family photography at one of my three portrait studios.

Family Portraits

Please visit my portrait studios here.

portrait studios Los Angeles

Portrait Studios

Our artistic photography can be seen at LinneaLenkus.com. We have two portrait studios in Los Angeles.

Pardon our dust!

We have had a wild year here at our portrait studios. We have grown so much, so rapidly as so many of you have called us for a family portrait or a maternity portrait or a baby portrait or a. . . the list goes on.

I’m big on preparation and customer service. After many years of being a photographer with two portrait studios, I know that planning is crucial to make sure that you have perfect portraits in a timely manner. So to prepare for the coming year and the impending Christmas rush I have hired more studio personnel to assist the growing amount of wonderful clients who want professional photography. This creates a new challenge.

Black and White Photographers

Our office was meant to be a two person office. With eight people now in our small office, it’s a tight squeeze with elbows and desks and many wall portraits in production and framing and orders going in and orders going out and computers and office chairs – – yikes! So to prevent employee mutiny I have leased a large office space close to our Long Beach studio. It’s a beautiful office that makes me feel so good to have and so large that we don’t feel cramped so we can expand to the next level. But in the meantime, our Long Beach Studio will be closed for a week or two as we knock down some walls and expand our portrait gallery.

Please bear with us as we reorganize our office and our phone lines in the next week. Our Long Beach portrait studio should be ready soon.

In the meantime, I want to suggest to all families in Los Angeles County and Orange County, that if you are interested in Christmas portraits for Christmas gifts, now is the time to book your portrait sessions. Our Pasadena portrait studio and our Orange County portrait studio remain open. Do not procrastinate this year!

Our appointment times are very limited during November and the first part of December as many families are last minute in planning their Christmas photos and it seems that everyone calls at the same time. But my art consultants and I can only be in one place at a time. We try to get everybody in, but then we are unable to be as flexible as we are in our planning of portrait and order times. If you can come in now, you can assure a time to be photographed. We are interested in photographing art for your life and this takes time, which is rare in the Christmas season.

Christmas Photos | Los Angeles Photographers, Orange County Photographers

We are Orange County photographers. We are Los Angeles photographers.

baby photographers Los Angeles

California Photographer

I am a California photographer and my art can be seen here

I returned from San Francisco a couple of weeks ago where I spoke to a large group of photographers. It was very energizing and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to share my vision with other portrait artists. Thank you California photographers in the Bay Area for listening to my ranting. I hope I sparked some vision and hope into your photography studios and made you push towards excellence. Thank you for the many complimentary emails. I appreciate that you were inspired and moved enough to re-evaluate your own paths and make changes to how you see your photography and your vision.

Being a photographer is tough. Weathering personal opposition and trying to keep my vision fresh and present in my work has been a challenge. But I love challenges. My whole life I have seen things differently than those around me. Meeting other artists like myself I’m reminded that it’s very easy to feel like the outsider, and not believe in yourself for your vision. But I was fortunate in that I have a very determined and upbeat, albeit critical personality, like my mother. I am a fighter. I don’t give up.

The critical part of me sees things and says, “Hey that’s not right,” or “That’s how it should be.” As a photographer it helps because I can move my camera, move my photographic lighting, move my subject to make it right. I can make my vision come to fruition.

But living day to day and creating a photography business you usually have to come up against some type of wall, some type of stick-in-the-mud thinking, someone elses critical thinking. It’s very easy to give up your dreams when you hear the “have to’s”.

What I’d like to say to photographers is this: follow your path, follow your vision. You will not be happy until you do. But don’t copy other photographers. That’s not cool. That’s not your vision, but someone else’s. I never have copied other photographers and you can see where it has taken my vision by looking at my work. It is original. It is me.

Childrens Photographers | Family Photographers

I tend to think outside the box. That’s the artist speaking. If you stick to your inner vision that will also be the successful part of you speaking.

Over time I have pushed the naysayers and the “neggy-negs” away. It’s a freeing experience and one I don’t regret. It’s what you have to do to follow your calling, to challenge the laziness of rote, to push toward what you really are underneath it all. It’s what a creative photographer has to do.

It helps too to have a patient, loving husband who believes in you. And one who shares your vision (and is an amazing dad). I recommend that. But if you don’t have a wonderful husband I recommend positive family or community and unwavering friends.

I recommend vision.


I am a photographer. It’s what I do.

Professional Photography

Professional Photographers

Our professional photography studio can be found at LinneaLenkus.com

Professional Photographers

Professional Photographers

I am honored to be asked to speak in San Francisco this coming week at the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area on Thursday, August 16th at 7pm. Having been in professional photography for over 17 years I have a lot to say.

I hope all of you California photographers make it to this event because I don’t think I’ll be speaking much on the photography speakers’ circuit. I really don’t like any extra time away from my kids. I make sure to be there every evening and morning because I unfortunately cannot be there during the weekdays.

Professional Photography

So, drink it up you photographers. I have so much to teach you. And so little time.

My photography can be seen at LinneaLenkus.com.


Photographers – Motherhood – Newborn Babies

There must be a reason why photographers are not very good at verbal communication. I think we get lazy.
Annie Leibovitz

I feel guilty that I haven’t blogged in a little while. It’s been a busy two months and I’ve been distracted by our family vacation, our very busy photo studio and of course, my children.

My youngest children, twins Ava and Maxwell, have left the baby stage and we have been working on constant potty-training. They both turned three and then proceeded the next week into preschool.

School. My babies are in school. That’s such a shock to me. I was just holding their tiny bodies in my arms yesterday it seems.

It’s difficult to understand, but these changes throw our lives into turmoil and force each of us in the family to adjust, to reflect on our lives, to be cranky, and to work towards acceptance of the change. . . until the next change which will make us recycle through this turmoil again. So, I have been too distracted to think about writing in my blog. I’ve been experiencing and mourning the loss of my babies, and yet I have been celebrating independence, mine and my children’s.

I love photographing pregnant women and their spouses together and talking with them about their expectations of what it will be like to have a child. I love sharing my experiences. I had no clue that motherhood would change me as it has. I talk about this in my photo sessions because motherhood is bittersweet and most of us don’t expect that this little person will pull us in their direction so forcefully.

I especially love when the pregnant couple return with their newborn babies for newborn pictures. I get to see them “in action” and see the beginnings of personal transformation. It’s especially rewarding to me to see families grow and babies and children come back to the studio so the discovery is more apparent. That’s when I usually exchange knowing glances with moms and dads. We have been through the same, together and apart.

Naturally, when you are in baby mode, you are too busy to notice yourself changing. You just feel the exhaustion every moment of the day. It’s that adjustment to the 24/7 part of parenting, which is a real shock to the system. But when you take time to reflect and to see yourself before and after this new person has arrived you get a chance to realize the path you’ve been on and the path ahead. I love that my photography can help a person see themselves at moments in a beautiful way.

Thank you to all my photography clients for letting me be a part of your journey.

The world is full of women blindsided by the unceasing demands of motherhood, still flabbergasted by how a job can be terrific and torturous.
Anna Quindlen, O Magazine

Linnea Lenkus Fine Art Portrait studios are located in Orange County and Los Angeles county. Find the photographer here.

Photographer, Emotional Photography

Emotional Photography

I am a photographer in Los Angeles.
Photographer: Emotional Photography

A client of mine asked me the other week a question that has stuck with me: “What do you call what you do?” “What do you mean,” I asked.

She said that she had looked everywhere for someone like myself to photograph her family and had seen lots of imitations of my photography, but she chose our portrait studio because of the unique look of my photos and the realness of the subjects. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was that I do, but she knew that there was something really different.

I knew what she was getting at as I have discussed this at length with other admirers and have had many of my clients point it out to me. Based on my conversations with them about my portrait photography I replied.


“I guess,” I said, “you can call it Emotional Photography. I am looking for real emotions while I photograph. I am looking for the real person, not the facade.”

As my photographic technique has become second nature and my artistic vision has become stronger I can let go of all of that and focus on the people in front of me as unique individuals. I look for the emotion, I look for the place where they are in their lives and I try to take a very simple, genuine moment and turn it into art. I don’t copy other photographers, instead I try to find how the person in front of me speaks emotionally and interpret it through the place that I am in my life.

Infant Photographer
For a fine art portrait please click on photographer in Los Angeles