Boudoir Photography vs. Fine Art Nudes

We do get calls to photograph boudoir photography, however, I have to make a distinction regarding the difference between fine art nudes and typical boudoir photography. To me, boudoir photography focuses on seduction and is dependent on lingerie and the environment. Fine art nude photography is generally considered a study of the body in regard to art and form. I like to use light, shadow and perspective to create a shape and a love for the human body and so, fine art nudes are what I prefer to do.

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Nude Art – A Valentine’s Idea

Need an idea for Valentines Day? How about you as art? Or how about the both of you as art?

We’re closing in on the last minute nude photography sessions. Call now to book as soon as possible.

I photograph commissioned fine art nudes and increasingly, couples will ask me to photograph them together. Many people like to surprise their mates with a series of nudes, perhaps a coffee table book or compelling nude art for their walls. I say, “Bring them along!” The gift can be the experience too.

Some partners, most often men, do not want to be IN the nude image, but they sure do love to watch and be a part of the process of editing the nude photographs. I find that during a session your partner knows what they like and enjoy being a part of the process. Often they will stand to my side and even help with art direction. That’s fine with me. Creative collaboration is fun and from my years of working with art directors and designers I am used to it!

Give us a call right now to talk about creating personal nude art of you! If you call now, we can put you in touch with a reality-TV producer who is interested in couples for a reality show being created right now.

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Couples Nude Photography

We get calls. Many calls and emails about nude photography. If you have trouble saying what you want, that is a fine art nude, then don’t go there. If it’s uncomfortable or you are exploring some perversion, then just don’t call us. But if you want to create something beautiful, something elegant, something that will be put in art galleries and museums, then I’m interested in photographing your nude portraits.

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This Long Beach Photographer Wants You to Vote

The great fun about this contest is that it’s a popular online vote – no judges. So you too could help decide who I’m going to photograph, voting goes until November 7th at midnight. The winner will be crowned at the “Morry’s 70th Anniversary Soiree” on November 9th to benefit our local Historical Society of Long Beach. Yes, that’s right, Morry’s is a local wine store and wine and cheese bar that has been here in Long Beach for 70 years.

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