Newborn Baby Photography

A while back Shutterfly contacted me to ask if they could highlight one of my baby portraits on their page of professional photographers who do newborn baby photography. That was a nice compliment to my over 25 years as a pro photographer.

I’m very busy, crazy busy with my three teenagers’ activities, my husband’s business, my two businesses (portrait photography studio and art gallery) and volunteering for a variety of charities and that all got kicked up a notch this year. That’s why I don’t blog much. Sorry.

Many times companies will contact me to ask to use one of my portraits for movies, TV shows, albums, etc. It’s quite flattering. Sometimes I have to say no, because of the time factor. Luckily, all I had to do with Shutterfly was say yes. I have way more newborn baby photography pics than you actually see on my website. But I don’t have the time to actually show them all. It’s nice when I get a nod.

So please go to Shutterfly and take a look at my photography. It’s the most unique photo on the page, about 3/4 of the way down.

Newborn baby photography Los Angeles

Thanks Shutterfly! Oh, and thank you for creating Share Sites. We’ve used it for years for soccer teams and performance groups. It’s quite an ingenious solution for getting everyone on the same page. If you haven’t used the Share Sites, online or on their smartphone app, you should. It’s free and it’s a great way for teams or groups to communicate and share photos. Try it for your groups.

I’m a professional Los Angeles photographer, a mom, a wife, and a volunteer. My portrait studio is now mobile so I can travel anywhere within a radius from Long Beach, from Los Angeles County to Orange County and anywhere nearby to create emotional portrait photography for you.

Written by Linnea Lenkus

Linnea Lenkus

Linnea Lenkus has been a photographer for over 20 years. She specializes in studio photography in Southern California, having a portrait studio in Long Beach that is equidistant to Orange County and Los Angeles County. She is well known for her finer lighting techniques, the authentic feeling of her poses and for exceptional maternity, baby and family portrait photography.

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