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I don’t have much free time to watch TV, in fact, none. So on the plane back from Italy recently I was held hostage to a film on the plane.

Luckily, it was “The Soloist” with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. Normally I fall asleep during movies since I have such an active life. But I was on jet lag time, and it was such a treat to watch this film and feel the emotion that was presented.

The thing that I loved about this film was that Jamie Foxx’s character was highly sensitive and, coincidentally, schizophrenic. At one point he experienced an orchestra visually through color waves. I totally understood this because I, too, experience one sense in another sense. To music, he was highly sensitive. I related to this movie in a big way. The creators of this film seem to really understand the creative mind and the line it crosses sometimes into another world.

You have to remember that creativity comes from a unique place. Creative photographers understand that the creativity is from within, not from “getting ideas” from other creative photographers. You will never grow as a creative photographer as long as you are looking to copy truly creative photographers.

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Today I was explaining to my amazing assistant that I feel light the same way that Jamie Foxx understood music in this movie. Light comes to me in a visual way, yes, but also in a tactile way. I know it sounds strange but I think I can feel light on my skin. Odd, yes, I know.

To light, I am highly sensitive. I’m the person who walks into a room and knows that a light bulb is out. It’s a weird thing, but it’s how I’m wired. It’s what helps me to create portraits where the light is speaking to the viewer because I can truly feel how something should be lit. The play of light and shadow constantly mesmerize me.

So, because of this weirdness, I obsessively tweak my lights while I am creating portraits. I do this because I know that a portrait has to be perfect. It has to be something I am proud to show. You won’t see a “vomit” of images here because I am not interested in expressing everything, I am interested in expressing perfection AND imperfection perfectly.

I am one of the world’s photographers who feel light. I hope you comprehend what I mean. Just look at my portraits to understand. Los Angeles Studio Photographer

Written by Linnea Lenkus

Linnea Lenkus

Linnea Lenkus has been a photographer for over 20 years. She specializes in studio photography in Southern California, having a portrait studio in Long Beach that is equidistant to Orange County and Los Angeles County. She is well known for her finer lighting techniques, the authentic feeling of her poses and for exceptional maternity, baby and family portrait photography.

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