boudoir nude fine art portraits

Boudoir Portraits

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography: Stark, bold, natural beauty. Embrace and capture the work of art that is you. Classic & sophisticated nude portraits that belong in an art gallery.

portrait of a family

Family Photography

Linnea has the unique ability to get every member of a family to let down their guard to capture their true personalities, family portraiture that’s sophisticated but unstuffy.

maternity photo

Maternity Photos

Linnea has always been an innovator when it comes to maternity photography. She’s one of the most copied maternity photographers in the world.

celebrity photographer photograph of Sterling K Brown

Celebrity Photography

Linnea is often asked to photograph celebrities and their families because she’s the top photographer for families in Los Angeles.

couples portrait

Couples Portraits

When you want your couples photography to stand out from the crowd, come see this incredible photographer.

baby photographs with parent

Baby Photography

Linnea has photographed thousands of babies from 1 day old to 100 years old. She knows what to expect and how to fly with the unexpected.

Los Angeles photographers of children

Child Photography

To capture the soul of a child a great photographer has to be, essentially, a kid at heart.

dog photographer portrait studio

Dog Photography

Pets are your family too. Linnea encourages all families to bring their faithful canines.

Portrait Photography Los Angeles by photographer Linnea Lenkus of Nitzan Haroz.

Individual Photography

During a family portrait, why not capture your individuality for business or personal reasons.