About Linnea

Many people think that Linnea Lenkus is a conglomerated name of two partners. No, no, she is one person born in the Midwest with that seemingly unfortunate name. Her first name is Swedish and her last name is Lithuanian.

Linnea is one unique artist and a dynamic person. What makes her unique? Well, years ago she unknowingly started a trend in portrait photography just by expressing her vision.

Linnea entered the portrait photography world on the opposite side of the camera spending a few years as a model. She then went into commercial photography photographing ads  for advertising agencies, graphic design firms, magazines and companies. She found herself  frustrated by working with art directors without any vision and was considering retiring from the commercial world. She complained to a friend who suggested that she enter the portrait photography world. “No, no way,” she replied. “Too cheesy.” The thought of creating portraits for people who wanted typical photography was not in her mentality. She wanted to strive for something more, something authentic with beautiful light.

And so began Linnea Lenkus Fine Art Portrait Studios. Unlike many female photographers out there, Linnea made her name before she had her children with countless hours in the darkroom, the studio and with clients. She is a very experienced portrait photographer who knows how to make you look great.

One thought on “About Linnea

  1. hi, we have just been blessed with a baby boy. thinking of doing portraits of him and us. Want to know how much are ur packages. we want to look for a reliable and committed photographers to capture our son moments. He is barely 1 week old, want to know what is the best age to take photos.

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