L.A. Portrait Studios | Linnea Lenkus Photography

Inspirational Photography Portraits in LA

Specializing in photographing individuals as well as groups, Linnea is well known for her ability to capture authentic expressions as well as for her lighting style; Favoring window light created entirely in her photography studio with professional strobes. With over twenty years experience, her style is timeless. Many photography styles come and go, but Linea Lenkus style has been recreated by photographers around the world, year after year. With a unique ability to create new and amazing trends in the photography industry, your portrait is sure to make fond impressions for centuries to come.

While many photographers will only photograph a family together, but Linnea believes in photographing the individuals of a family while creating memorable portraits of the people you love.

Our portraits studios work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your fine photography session with Linnea who is truly one of the best photographers around.

Visit her photography blog to keep up with what’s happening at our studios.

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