Maternity Photography

Linnea Lenkus is a pioneer in maternity photography. She is probably the most copied maternity photographer in the world. Most of the maternity photography you see on other photographers’ websites originated in her studio, however she does it better. There’s no doubt. Why? Because she is truly creative photographer and an amazing lighting expert. She has photographed thousands of pregnant women and knows how a woman’s body should look. Having three children of her own and going through two pregnancies she understands the emotions that a should surround your pregnant portrait.

Linnea has two photography studios in Los Angeles, a Pasadena portrait studio, and a Long Beach portrait studio. When you need an incredible photographer to create the absolutely best studio portrait photography for you or your family then give us a call at (626) 744-9104 Pasadena portrait studio or (562) 981-8900 Long Beach portrait studio to work with the best maternity photographer in Southern California.

Click here to read her photo blog to keep up with what’s happening at our studios.

Our photography studios in Los Angeles work by appointment only. Please call us to make an appointment to commission your studio portrait photography session with Linnea who is truly the best photographer around.


3 Responses to Maternity Photography

  1. Linnea, Love the updated photographs and new website design! As always…absolutely gorgeous photographs with deep emotion and beautiful composition! Outstanding work! You’re an inspiration. Cheers, Rob

    • LLMom says:

      Thank you Robert. I’ve admired your photography for years. We should talk soon. I’m a big fan of your photography as well!

  2. YOSSELINE M. says:

    I love your maternity photography!

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