Mother's DayPhotographer Los Angeles | A Mother’s Day from Photographer Linnea Lenkus

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother. We earned this day and I am enjoying it the most this year.

This Mother’s Day is such a special one for me. I just returned from a glorious vacation in Italy with my husband and three wonderful children. My husband wanted to celebrate my recent birthday in style by taking me to my favorite places. I was in bliss as we showed our youngsters how wonderful that country is as it is full of history, art and beauty.

My three children were such troopers as we walked for miles, and seeing the world through their eyes was something that I always treasure. Having three towheads in Italy is also a treat as the wonderful citizens of that country took notice of my kids.

I tried to be a photographer less on this trip. Although I did take several hundred images, which is low for me, I tried to force myself to put the camera down so that I could enjoy my family. Sometimes we mothers need to be reminded that life is happening all around us and to breathe it in. I wish that I had a professional photographer to follow me around so that I could not try to grab those moments myself, but BE IN those moments.

To all mothers, have a day to reflect about how lucky you are. Be grateful for these moments with these humans who make us grow ourselves. Today is a day that I feel the luckiest.

Written by Linnea Lenkus

Linnea Lenkus

Business Owner
Mother of Three
Mother of Twins
Wife of a Patient Man

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