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Long Beach is my town and I’m proud to live here and even more proud to associate with other local businesses doing good things in the community. That’s why I’m excited to announce that I’ll be the photographer of the winner of the first ever “Miss Morry’s Vintage Pin Up Contest” for Morry’s of Naples.

I started as a commercial photographer so it’s a hoot to return doing something that’s a challenge combined with something I photograph often. The vision I had when I discussed this with Morry’s team was a combination of my brand of tasteful nudes combined with glamorous “Ava Gardner/Veronica Lake” inspired photography at my Long Beach portrait studio.

The great fun about this contest is that it’s a popular online vote – no judges. So you too could help decide who I’m going to photograph, voting goes until November 7th, 2008 at midnight. The winner will be crowned at the “Morry’s 70th Anniversary Soiree” on November 9th to benefit our local Historical Society of Long Beach. Yes, that’s right, Morry’s is a local wine store and wine and cheese bar that has been here in Long Beach for 70 years.

For more information and to vote on which beauty will be crowned Miss Morry’s see Morry’s website (navigate to the contest on the left).

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